Walter Borgan

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I’m Wally Borgan.

I have served as BCTGM Local 22's Vice-president for my first four years in office, and I am honored to continue to serve the members as President of Local 22.

My Union career started back in 1990 at McGlynn Bakeries in Eden Prairie, where I have served for 12 years as Union Steward before joining the Union's Executive Board back in 2015. From there I joined Local 22 as a Business Agent.

Since beginning my career as a Local 22 Officer, I have been through extensive training with BCTGM International staff as a New Officer, and also Bargaining In the Private Sector at the Bonnie Ladin Skills Program in Kensington Maryland.

I have also served as a Trustee for the Minnesota Bakery Workers Heath & Welfare Fund, as well as the Minnesota Bakers Pension fund, recieving certificates in education from the International Foundation each of my years serving as Vice-President.

In addition to training, have also participated in countless hours of bargaining, as we have twenty seven contracts with multiple employers. With a membership of 1600 members, I have now gained extensive experience with grievance handling, having great success at settling a large percentage of my grievances in the best interests of all the members affected by them.

I am thrilled to continue to keep this a members Union, to make sound decisions as a team here at the office, and to keep the member's faith that they have a leader that they can rely on!

In Solidarity,


Wally Borgan



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