Matthew Ryder

M-Crop.jpgMatthew Ryder


My name is Matt Ryder. I was a 30-year employee of Baldinger Bakery. Baldinger Bakery supplies the McDonalds Midwest Region with hamburger buns. The bakery also has many other buns and bread accounts throughout the region.

As I started out back in 1985, I began in packaging and vowed to learn every piece of machinery in the bakery, which I did. At the bakery, we had working Formen(supervisors), who were also union members. I held that position for several years. I also trained many employees on various machines during my entire career at the bakery.

Knowing that I was a member of Local 22, I took pride in that I was a part of a Union. My Father was a member of the Painter’s Union his entire career and I witness his engagement in his Union and his ability to happily enjoy a pension from that Union as he retired. A long term shop steward on the 1st shift retired and I ran for shop steward back in 2000 and I represented my members for the next 15 years. A short time later, our E-Board representative retired her position on the board and it did not take long for President Ron Mohrland to ask me to represent Baldinger Bakery as an Executive Board Member. I represented the bakery for 11 years just before I entered the office.

My experience as a shop steward, negotiating member on 6 contracts and in many grievance meetings, along with my E-Board representation set the stage for a career to further represent not only my members at Baldingers but the local as a whole. I was asked by the Officers of Local 22 if I would be interested in furthering my commitment to the Local and I replied” it would be an honor”. There was a lengthy process to go through the E-Board and Membership. Today with Pride, Commitment and Honor, I get to live a dream. To represent all my brothers and sisters in Solidarity to better our lives, our Union.

In Solidarity, Matt Ryder Vice President, Local 22