Walter Borgan

W-Crop.jpgWalter Borgan

I’m Wally Borgan.

I have served as BCTGM Local 22's Vice-president for my first four years in office, and I am honored to continue to serve the members as President of Local 22.

My Union career started back in 1990 at McGlynn Bakeries in Eden Prairie, and have served for 12 years as Union Steward before joining the Union's Executive Board back in 2015. From there I joined Local 22 as a Business Agent.

Since beginning my career as a Local 22 Officer, I have been through extensive training with BCTGM International staff as a New Officer, and also Bargaining In the Private Sector at the Bonnie Ladin Skills Program in Kensington Maryland.

I have also served as a Trustee for the Minnesota Bakery Workers Heath & Welfare Fund, as well as the TCBW Pension fund, recieving certificates in education from the International Foundation each of my years serving as Vice-President.

In addition to training, have also participated in countless hours of bargaining, as we have twenty seven contracts with multiple employers. With a membership of 1700 members, I have now gained extensive experience with grievance handling, having great success at settling a large percentage of my grievances in the best interests of all the members affected by them.

I am thrilled to continue to keep this a members Union, to make sound decisions as a team here at the Office, and to keep the member's faith that they have a leader that they can rely on!

In Solidarity,


Wally Borgan